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Largest selection of 1M+ ebooks
750+ publishers, 1,500 imprints
Flexible models with guaranteed access
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What if you could offer an ebook experience that’s intuitive for you and your patrons? What if you could manage all aspects of your collection — discovery, selection, acquisition, administration, and reporting — all on one platform? And what if that platform provided access to more than a million ebooks, with 100,000 new titles added each year? It’s all possible with Ebook Central from ProQuest.

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Usability Enhancements

Enhanced “book detail” page to help students pinpoint the exact content they need for research or classwork — at both the chapter and subchapter level — and access it online or download it for later use.

Clear table-of-contents-level prompts for reading online or downloading, plus DRM-free chapters with file names that reflect the chapter title.

More intuitive features, including a simplified login process and informational dialog boxes that provide helpful hints.

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Patron Analytics

Understand your users and their ebook needs. Collect end-user data by querying patrons directly through a self-serve, customizable survey. This data is appended to usage and sales reports, so you can get greater insight into usage patterns and patron-triggered spend.

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Access-to-Own (ATO)

ATO is an exclusive usage-based acquisition model that helps libraries offer a diverse selection of ebooks while investing in owned content that delivers better ROI, plus:

  • Increased availability to frontlist content with access to titles previously embargoed from short-term loan.
  • Greater affordability because costs are only incurred on loans and loan fees are applied to the price of the book.

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Explore our multiple acquisition models — which can be used in any combination to meet your content needs, enhance workflows and bring value to your library. You have the power to build a collection that delivers the ebooks your patrons need at an affordable price.


Subscribe for Unlimited Content

Enjoy simultaneous, multi-user access and continued collection growth at no additional cost.

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Develop Your Collection with Perpetual Purchase

Buy individual titles and give your users continued access to essential content. Title-by-title perpetual purchases are easier than ever with one-click and shopping cart options.

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Usage-Based Collection Development with Demand-Driven Acquisition

Offer immediate access to a wide pool of ebooks — but only pay for the individual titles after a free browsing period.

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World-Renowned Publishers
We partner with the world’s leading publishers, including the largest number of university presses.
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Book Vendors and Resellers
We partner with book vendors such as YBP, Coutts, and others, enabling libraries to acquire titles using their existing print and digital workflows. Our resellers distribute Ebook Central solutions to libraries and other institutions around the world.
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Public Schools Government Libraries

Technology and Discovery Partners
Teamwork is key to supporting the entire ebook workflow, so we continue to enhance our solutions with both ProQuest solutions and integration with third-party party technologies and services.
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50% off E if you own P

Get half off select ebook titles that you already own in print! More than 90 participating publishers.

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Free P and E assessment

Support your space reclamation and weeding needs with a free assessment of your print and electronic holdings. We’ll highlight opportunities to transform your collections and gain resources.

For Academic Libraries

For Public Libraries

Oxford University Press and Wiley

Add titles to your Ebook Central collection from top publishers not available on Oxford or Wiley’s direct platforms.

Oxford University Press title list

Wiley title list

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